Get ZD Soft Screen Recorder Key For Free (Official Promo)

Get ZD Soft Screen Recorder Key For Free (Official Promo)
YouTube is world’s second largest search engine on the internet and YouTube is also a gold mine for those who can create videos. One can earn a handsome of money by uploading videos to YouTube.
You must be good in your expertise and a screen recording software and you are all set. When it comes to choosing screen recorder, today’s freebie can solve your problem gracefully. gives away ZD Soft Screen Recorder normal worth $39/1 PC.

You might have known, gameplays are one of the most famous and seeing videos on YouTube. I must say ZD Soft Screen Recorder is much better than any other good such software including Camtasia 8. I agree Camtasia is on top in the list of most famous screen recording programs for Windows, but It cannot record gameplays especially in full-screen mode.
Not all, but most of other Windows screen recording programs use traditional GDI screen capture techniques. This is why, they are not capable of recording computer games in full screen and you find yourself unsatisfied if you record any game in window mode.
In this arena, ZD Soft Screen Recorder has surpassed other this kind of software available in the market. This Windows-based program has advanced screen capture techniques for different types of computer games and it supports most of the OpenGL/Direct 3D games.
In addition to aforementioned ability of ZD Soft Screen Recorder, It can capture desktop activities, web pages, online video, and sound etc. After capturing, you can saves as video files and numerous video formats are supported by it.
In short, We can create video tutorials and demo videos of services/products, record streaming video on web pages and PC gameplays and it also has a converter to convert MS office PowerPoint presentations to videos.
You can learn more at the Homepage .

Get ZD Soft Screen Recorder Key For Free (Official Promo)

The normal price for ZD Soft Screen Recorder is 39$ and this is for only 1 PC. Well there is a giveaway going on which enables everyone to grab a ZD Soft Screen Recorder key for free.

Download ZD Soft Screen Recorder from here.

Use below given license info:

Name: WindowsDeal Giveaway
Key: 23RRA-CCB02-J72EE-3RA4N-DVC1X

No free updates, no tech support

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Please keep in mind, You have the next 3 days only.

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