WonderFox Photo Watermark Full Version

WonderFox Photo Watermark Full Version (72 Hours Giveaway)
Nowadays , plagiarism has become a curse and if you are a blogger and you create unique and original content then you would have known , there are lots of copycats on the internet , they are always ready to steal your hard work . And not only unique content is stolen , but this headache also face graphic designers , logo designers and all those creative and talented guys , who spend hours to create/design an awesome piece of art .
The watermarking is a very good cure of this headache , Yeah! I agree , this can not stop copycats from stealing your hard work , but at least they can not hide your name .
WonderFox Photo Watermark is a very handy tool to protect your hard work from being copied or illegal use . This one of the best Photo Watermarking software is equipped with many useful features and helps you get out of this headache gracefully . It comes with an easy to use interface and using its user friendly interface inexperienced and expert users can easily put/add a watermark at any image with a few clicks of your mouse . 
Apart from adding text watermark at any image , You have several options to protect your photos , you can add a logo, avatar, company logo, etc. And as well as you can decorate your text watermark by applying many awesome text effects . And one of the best advantages of using it , WonderFox Photo Watermark is loaded with various types (150+) of free watermarking materials . 
Batch Watermarking Process is another useful function for those , Who have lack of time and lots of images to be watermarking . Using this awesome function , you can easily add watermark to 100 images within just 1 minute.
If Batch Watermarking Process has not enough ability to save  your time , then there is another function that can be utilized , Watermarking Template , Using this useful function , you save current settings (watermark, word, location, transparence…) to a template file and next time, you can load the template file to restore the current settings.
What’s more , You also will get a powerful photo editor to create/edit any image in WonderFox Photo Watermark . You can crop . resize or rename and add fancy frames to your desired images . And as well as , this software allows you to convert from/to all popular photo formats like JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF, etc

WonderFox Photo Watermark Full Version (72 Hours Giveaway)

WonderFox Photo Watermark is available priced at $29.95 . But you can grab it for free till 31 May 2014 

Visit the promo page to get it for free .

More info is here.

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