Wise Care 365 PRO ( Pre-Activated Special Installer ) Free Download

If you are looking for a wiser PC optimization software to keep your computer/laptop fast and error free . It is said and I think it is 100% true that if you have not a PC optimization then you yourself invite problems and low performance and speed . But it is also popular especially among newbie computer/laptop users that PC optimization softwares might be a bad nightmare especially their registry cleaner feature , sometimes registry cleaner feature removes important registry files and the result is that have to reinstall the Windows and all the needed programs .


That’s why choosing a right PC optimization software is not an easy thing . You have to choose wisely . Being a software savvy and a little student of computology , I recommend you Wise Care 365 , It shows in this name that what it has ? It takes care your computer/laptop’s health and performance wisely . Wise Care 365 is available in both shapes freeware and pro or paid version . Freeware is nice but as you know that paid or pro has always something special . Luckily you can get Wise Care 365 pro version . It is a gift from Wisecleaner.com .
Wise Care 365 has a bundle of important features to get fast and error free computer/laptop experience like a brand new and untouched computer/laptop . It has all those features that can help
you to optimize performance and speed like , registry cleaner , Uninstall manager , Startup manager , Disk cleaner and many other useful features . Its registry cleaner feature is really wiser and smart . Registry cleaner scans deeply for  hidden invalid registry issues that causes to slow down speed and performance , after detecting registry problems , it removes all invalid and unnecessary registry files without messing with important registry files , If in a case something goes wrong then there is no need worry about it because it backs up automatically all registry files before removing invalid registry files . You can restore it with the help of backup and the best thing is that all this is very easy with just one click . Its scaning speed is much much better than other softwares like Ccleaner etc .
Its Startup manager is worth mentioning . Start up programs are another reason to getting slow performance and speed . If you have installed  Wise Care 365 on your computer/laptop then it will give you suggestions whenever it detects any problem that you need to handle startup programs to get good and fast boot speed .
You can get more information and features by visiting the Homepage .

(Expired)Get Wise Care 365 PRO ( Pre-Activated Special Installer ) 

Wise Care 365 PRO is available at prices $22.50 ( 1 year , 1 PC ) and $29.95 ( 1 Year , 3 PC ) . But I found a giveaway Wise Care 365 PRO special installer , well this is a special installer and no need serial key to activate it , But unfortunately you cannot update it with any Wise Care 365 PRO latest version .

New>>Here you go and submit all the details to receive a free one year serial key in your mailbox.


OLD>> Go here to download Wise Care 365 PRO ( Pre-Activated Special Installer ) and don’t forget to choose your preferred language installer.

Keep In Mind — Don’t update it otherwise it will be converted into freeware version. 

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