Get Windows 8 Free For 3 Months

The Windows 8 had been announced almost two years ago . But Windows 8 still very hot topic among computer and internet users . I have installed Windows 8 on my laptop . Windows 8 is really a masterpiece . I am enjoying and I am discovering new features in Windows 8 . Microsoft team has changed many things in Windows 8 . Windows 8 slightly different than previous versions .  The major change is that Microsoft developers changed Start menu feature in Windows 8 . Start Menu is totally different , I think , every Microsoft user was not expecting this change . But start menu is elegant , innovative and eye catcher .
Windows 8 is like a sport car in terms of speed and performance . Booting and loading is much better and faster than previous versions . Windows 8 has many useful built in features but my favorite one is its Pdf reader feature . There is no need to install any Pdf reader to read ebooks .
However this post not a review about Windows 8 . Insha Allah , I will write a review about Windows 8 soon .
Offer Is Expired
If you want to take a test drive of Windows 8 before buying . Microsoft is giving a chance . You can download free Windows 8 and you can use it legally for three months .
You need Hotmail , Xbox Live or Outlook account to get Windows 8 free . If you don’t have an account . Create an account by clicking here . After creating an account , Now visit this page . Scrol down the page and select desired format 32 bit or 64 bit .
Start the downloading process . If needed any key during the installation process , So use this key .

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