Get VoodooShield With One Year Free Subscription

Get VoodooShield With One Year Free Subscription
I was not getting any promotional offers related to antivirus softwares to share with all my respectable readers . But fortunately today morning I discovered an antivirus software giveaway and now I am going to share with you . is giving away VoodooShield with one year free subscription . It means you can enjoy one year free security from one of the world’s best antivirus company , without spending a single penny .
VoodooShield might be a name for you like me , I have never checked it on my personal laptop . Therefore I cannot write my personal experience here . That’s why I am describing company description .
As per , It is a not like traditional antivirus softwares or a filter . Basically Voodooshield is a computer lock , instead of updating and maintaining a huge blacklist of viruses , malware and other security threats , Which hackers creates each day , each hour . Voodooshield simply creates a much smaller but an efficient white list, and blocks everything that is not on the white list .

In other words we can say that whenever VoodooShield feels that your security is in jeopardy situation , with the help of black list , it automatically blocks potential risks and allows only white listed items . You can unlock or lock this feature at any time .

The best thing that I found after reading a little review about it that It does not require daily updates or scans, and the white list is automatically created through VoodooShield proprietary, patent-pending snapshot method .

You can read more about it by visiting the Homepage .


(Expired)Get VoodooShield With One Year Free Subscription


$19.99 is price of VoodooShield per license key , VoodooShield. Com offers one year free subscription .

Visit the Giveaway page (skip the ad), submit your name and valid email address and click Sign up .

Check your mailbox and complete confirmation process , You will receive a license key .

You can download its installer by clicking here (skip the ad), after installing .

This offer is a limited time offer .

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  1. Unknown

    Thanks for VoodooShield. I appreciate that free offer, you are too kind. Here is my problem: yes indeed I like Voodoo Shield, but I am low income. Is there any freeware application which is equivalent at no charge: actual freeware? I might imagine an old outmoded application from the first decade of the century. If it works, that is fine, old is not acvoided neccessarily.
    Please advise!

  2. Voodoo Shield

    Hi, this is Dan from VoodooShield. Thank you for posting our offer! We are actually not asking anyone to post the offer, they are just kind of magically appearing ;).

    The easiest way for your users to sign up for the free offer is to go to the following link!

  3. Atif Imran

    Thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating my efforts , I would suggest you , Avira freeware version or check this

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