Get VoodooShield With One Year Free Subscription

Get VoodooShield With One Year Free Subscription
I was not getting any promotional offers related to antivirus softwares to share with all my respectable readers . But fortunately today morning I discovered an antivirus software giveaway and now I am going to share with you . is giving away VoodooShield with one year free subscription . It means you can enjoy one year free security from one of the world’s best antivirus company , without spending a single penny .
VoodooShield might be a name for you like me , I have never checked it on my personal laptop . Therefore I cannot write my personal experience here . That’s why I am describing company description .
As per , It is a not like traditional antivirus softwares or a filter . Basically Voodooshield is a computer lock , instead of updating and maintaining a huge blacklist of viruses , malware and other security threats , Which hackers creates each day , each hour . Voodooshield simply creates a much smaller but an efficient white list, and blocks everything that is not on the white list .

In other words we can say that whenever VoodooShield feels that your security is in jeopardy situation , with the help of black list , it automatically blocks potential risks and allows only white listed items . You can unlock or lock this feature at any time .

The best thing that I found after reading a little review about it that It does not require daily updates or scans, and the white list is automatically created through VoodooShield proprietary, patent-pending snapshot method .

You can read more about it by visiting the Homepage .


(Expired)Get VoodooShield With One Year Free Subscription


$19.99 is price of VoodooShield per license key , VoodooShield. Com offers one year free subscription .

Visit the Giveaway page (skip the ad), submit your name and valid email address and click Sign up .

Check your mailbox and complete confirmation process , You will receive a license key .

You can download its installer by clicking here (skip the ad), after installing .

This offer is a limited time offer .

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