Video Watermark Pro 4.5 Free Download With Legal Registration Code

 Video Watermark Pro 4.5 Free Download With Legal Registration Code
The world of internet is so much unsafe for creative minded people especially for those who believe in the uniqueness and like to create something different and unique . One creates a unique thing or content who deserves its original ownership or copyright . For an example , suppose , you are a YouTuber and make your own unique videos and upload them and then anyone can download your uploaded video and upload again without giving even a credit to you . I can feel this pain that how much does it hurt ? It doesn’t only happen with videos , text content , images etc not safe too .
Watermarking is a good solution to show that it is designed or written by you . If you are a Youtuber then today’s freebie is specially for you . Video Watermark Pro is designed to put a watermark contain your name , signature , logo etc on your each video .

Putting a watermark on your videos , you find it difficult for yourself . Don’t worry , Video Watermark Pro is as difficult to use as imagine . You don’t need to be an expert to use it . Video Watermark Pro has an easy to use and user friendly interface even a newbie can use it .
Video Watermark Pro has a special timeline editing function . You can easily control when the watermark disappears or appears by adding key points at random . You can put every kind of watermark , image watermark , text watermark and as well as you can put geometry graphic shapes arrow, line segment, curve, rectangle and round shape etc as a watermark . It also enables you to do common settings such as color, width, opacity, rotate, etc. And the best advantage is that you can add or put an animated watermark and you get 200+ free animated watermark templates . As you can add copyright symbols C, R and TM to video . To decorate you can add video effects .

It has Batch Watermarking Mode to save your time . It will help you to put a watermark to your multiple videos at once . It also has a built in video conversion feature . Its video converter can convert your desired video into almost all most used and popular video formats .

You can visit the Homepage to get more information .

Get Video Watermark Pro 5.1 With Legal Registration Code For Free

Video Watermark Pro 4.5 is available priced at $34.95 per registration code . But for the next 24 hours everyone can grab it with legal registration code for free .

For the next 24 hours

Download it from here and activate it using below given registration key.

License: DE8EF4EF9E0DBEE2DB1307D66BBFC584F64DFF2A

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