Steganos Privacy Suite 19 Serial Key Steganos Privacy Suite Full Version 100% Discount

Steganos Privacy Suite serial for free. Microsoft Windows user can grab a free Steganos Privacy Suite Registration Code to activate full/pro version of Steganos Privacy Suite for free through an official promo.


Let’s have a quick look what it does for privacy lovers?

Steganos Safe

I must say, it’s a main feature and I love it, Using a strong password, you can prevent unauthorised access to your data saved in Steganos Safe. Whenever you open your Steganos Safe it automatically gets integrated itself seamlessly into the system as a drive and can be used from any software.

Mailbox Safe

This awesome function is made specifically useful for those who are used to any desktop mail client. Without entering master password, no one access/read your daily private and sensitive emails. It works very well with all most used mail clients such as Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail and others.

Steganos Password Manager

This feature is for those who often forget their usernames and passwords. It has the ability to save your user names and passwords in encrypted form.

Steganos Shredder

If you have deleted any kind of private data and now you think you are done then you are wrong, there are tens of data recovery software available in the market through which any one can recover your deleted data even if you have emptied recycle bin too. Using its Steganos Shredder feature, you can completely remove data.

Steganos Track Destroyer

This great feature removes all downloading, searching, browsing (webpages and offline files and folders) traces/tracks. It’s just not good for your privacy but it speeds up your computer/laptop too.
You can learn more at the Homepage.—

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