Get Smart DNS Proxy + SmartVPN Free 182 Days Subscription ($4.99 Per Month) For Free

Get Smart DNS Proxy Subscription For Free
The number of the internet users is increasing day by day and on the other hand , our governments are busy in making strict censorship laws for internet users . I totally agree that There are tons of websites exist on the internet that should be blocked . But what about those website there we get useful constructive content , Our governments often don’t see what is harmful and which website is useful ? and we can’t access our favorite and useful website . And this does not only happen in undemocratic countries but you may experience this in a democratic country too .
There are two ways to unblock a website , Proxy websites and VPN softwares . Personally I have tried both ways . If you use a paid proxy website then it is a good solution but a free proxy website is totally worthless and there is another drawback of using a free proxy website that you can’t login to your account . Proxy websites slow down your computer/laptop’s speed too .
VPN softwares are much better option to unblock a website , you can use accounts . But it has two drawbacks , If you use a free VPN software then you have to face annoying advertisements and slow computer/laptop speed .
Luckily , I have found a very use freebie to unblock a website without having to face both problems . Use Smart DNS Proxy to unblock any blocked website any where and in any device , computer/laptop , Apple , Windows , Android cell phones and tablet PCs .
Smart DNS Proxy is one of the best and secure DNS Proxy services to unblock websites, global video sharing websites . It is much better and faster option than a VPN software and proxy website . Even you don’t need to install any piece of software and There is no connection or disconnection needed as in VPN.
Smart DNS Proxy works pretty good with any device; Computer/lap, MAC, Xbox, PS3, Router, iPad, iPhone or any Android devices etc. It has fast and secure DNS servers . You simply need to change your DNS IP address in your device to Smart DNS Proxy Ip addresses. So then all your DNS queries will go through Smart DNS Proxy’s secure DNS network.
You can visit the Homepage to get more information .
(Expired)Get Smart DNS Proxy + SmartVPN Subscription ($4.99 Per Month)  For Free

Smart DNS Proxy + SmartVPN is a paid DNS Proxy service and you can get their service by spending $4.99 per month . But they are offering it for free and I have no idea about its expiry date .

Visit this page ad create your account to get it for free .

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  1. Anonymous

    Great article . The DNS option is better than using a VPN regarding content streaming because you can achieve direct connection with the media station ex. Netflix and avoid the “middle-man”. Personally, I am using UnoTelly which is similar to SmartDNS Proxy. Perhaps you should check UnoTelly as well if you haven’t done so.

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