Process Lasso Pro 8 Activation Code Free Download (Official Promo)

Process Lasso Pro is today’s freebie, What does mean of freebie? It means you don’t need to use Process Lasso Pro crack If you are not in the mood to spend $48.95. Yeah! You heard me right, gives away Process Lasso Pro activation code normal value $49. But, It’s a very limited time giveaway. What is Process Lasso Professional? Let’s have a quick on it before grabbing a free serial key.
You might be thinking, it must be a replica of Microsoft Windows task manager as it sounds. But this useful CPU management tool has much more than task manager we use in our Windows computer/laptops. Though it’s a worth using software for every Windows user, But It would not be wrong to say that it is not less than a gift for hardcore gamers to remain their Windows machine responsive and faster.
This one of the most famous and best CPU management software has an an award-winning algorithm/technology. It helps you optimize CPU usage and stops unnecessary software and processes from slowing down your Windows computer/laptop. It has an easy to use interface and worth mentioning features such as ProBalance, Energy Saver, Gaming and Multimedia Mode etc. through which you can make your Microsoft Windows PC as fast as possible.

According To Wikipedia, Some Of Core Features Of Process Lasso Pro

ProBalance (Dynamic priority and affinity optimization)
SmartTrim (selective ‘intelligent’ virtual memory trimming)
Gaming Mode 2.0 – A new maximum performance mode
Persistent priorities and CPU affinities
Process Watchdog
Instance Count Limits
I/O priorities (persistent or temporary)
Power Scheme Automation
System Responsiveness Metric
Independent Core Engine
Minimal Resource Use
Fully compatible with Windows 8 (and 10)
Available in x86-32 and x86-64 builds
You can learn more on the Homepage.

(Expired)Get Process Lasso Pro 8 With Legal Serial Key (Official Promo)

As You read earlier I mentioned the price for Process Lasso Pro is $49, But there is a Process Lasso Pro giveaway going on through which you can grab Process Lasso Pro serial key for free.

For the next 24 hours, All you need to do is here you go and submit your name and email address to get a free key in your mailbox.

Download Process Lasso Pro 8

32 bit    64 bit

Since It’s a giveaway version therefore there is no free updates or free technical  support and you are allowed to use it for personal use only.
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