O&O UnErase 6 Fee Download With Legal But Free License Key

O&O UnErase 6 Fee Download With Legal But Free License Key

Data recovery and disk recovery softwares has become a popular and hot selling product nowadays . Losing important is not only a big headache for commercial or business sector , a home computer/laptop user can this problem . I have observed Smartphone users face this problem alot than computer/laptop users . I repair and recover daily 3 or 4 SD memory card daily .

If you are looking for a good hard drive data recovery and memory card recovery then you have arrived at the right place because I’ve found an awesome giveaway related Data recovery software . Today’s gift is O&O UnErase 6 original value €29.90 euro and this gift is from oo-software.com .
It does not make a difference your desired file has been deleted accidentally , mistakenly or it has become corrupted because O&O UnErase 6.0 is a perfect tool to recover your deleted or corrupted data . It has a very user friendly and easy to use interface which makes the data recovery process very easy for both experienced and inexperienced computer/laptop users . Its user interface is based on Windows explorer style .
You just have to install , it is also easy to install . After installation start O&O UnErase 6 , now search your desired a single file or a whole folder , It scans deeply all hard drive and shows you all possible results . And the best ability is that you can customize search process as per your requirement .
With the help of this one of the world’s best data recovery software you can recover all kinds of file formats such as images , videos , text files , PDF files , Microsoft office files and softwares etc . It works very well with FAT , FAT 32 and NTFS , but it does not support EX FAT .
It is not only useful for desktop computers and laptops , It also can be used to recover lost data from USB flash drive , external hard disk , SD memory card etc . It also can be used for restoration on network drives (Shares and UNC) .
O&O UnErase 6 compatible for all Microsoft windows including XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 and as well as It works very well with Windows 8 . It does not require high system resources , you need at least 200MHZ processor and 64 MB RAM speed but 128 MB RAM is recommended.





(Expired)Get O&O UnErase 6 Fee Download With Legal But Free License Key 

Though the price of O&O UnErase 6 is 29.95 euro but through a giveaway offer you can grab a legal license to activate the full version for free .

Visit the Giveaway page and submit your valid email address and click ” Request Free License ”

You will receive a license key in your mailbox .

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