Get Ocster Backup Pro 5 With Free And Legal License Key

As you know Ocster provides a large series of useful and trusted backup softwares . If you have any Ocster backup software then no need to worry about your important data . I have already shared you an awesome Ocster made back up softwares . Ocster 1-Click Backup . Today I have another giveaway from Ocster team . This is Ocster Backup Pro 5 . Recently Ocster team has released a new version , Ocster Backup Pro 7 and the price of this new version is  39.90 USD . But you can use Ocster Backup Pro 5 for free with genuine and legal license key . Although this version is an old version but I think still it is very useful . It will useful for mine blog readers . I will mention all procedure at the end of this post . Okay now let’s read some about Ocster Backup Pro 5 .
Ocster Backup Pro 5 has many awesome features which it makes more useful . Ocster Backup Pro 5 has very straightforward , easy to use and user friendly interface . If you are a lazy person then Ocster Backup Pro 5 helps you to create backup fully automatically . Ocster Backup Pro 5 saves them on external local hard disk, on a network drive or on the specially secure and highly reliable Ocster Secure Storage Server . Ocster Backup Pro 5 has a very good and intelligent compression feature .

You can save hard drive space by using its compression feature . Ocster Backup Pro 5 supports the following compression types: ZLib, LZMA Quick, LZMA Normal, LZMA Best . Your backups can be protected with a desired password . It makes backups automatically , so your system performance can be slow . In that situation . The automatic Pausing feature helps you . Backups are done in the background and are automatically paused to prevent them from slowing down other programs. Various system characteristics are monitored, e.g. CPU usage, I/O usage, Fullscreen applications, etc .

Some key features of Ocster Backup Pro 5
Outlook Support: Back up your Microsoft Outlook emails and calendars with a single mouse click
Stop & Resume: Backups can be stopped and resumed. This is handy when the computer needs to be shut down . If your computer gets shutdown accidentally or you face a electercity failure
Backup Report Emails: Backup reports can be automatically sent to an email address. That way you can be up-to-date on the state of your backups even when you are on a business trip or if the computer is simply a server in your attic
Network support: Files and folders on network drives can also be backed up. The backup data can also be stored on network drives if that is desired.
Encryption: Backups are strongly encrypted and protected with a user password. The encryption algorithm can be configured, if that is desired.
Compression: Backups are compressed intelligently to save space. Different compression types are available: from fast ones with moderate compression to slower ones with excellent compression.
Scheduled: Backups can be started either automatically at scheduled times or manually by clicking a button.
Storage Types: Backups can be stored on hard disk, USB sticks, network drives and Ocster Secure Storage
Encryption Algorithms: Backup can be encrypted the following algithms: AES 256 Bit, AES 128 Bit, BlowFish, Cast-128
Compression Algorithms: The software supports the following compression types: ZLib, LZMA Quick, LZMA Normal, LZMA BestFor more features and information Please visit the Homepage .

System requirements

Ocster Backup Pro 5 is lightweight backup software and you don’t need any extraordinary system resources . You need 512 MB RAM speed and 125 MB disk space for installation. Ocster Backup Pro 5 with Microsoft windows . even with Xp .

Get Ocster Backup Pro 5 With Free And Legal License Key
The normal price of Ocster Backup Pro is 39.90 USD . But you can get it for free . Well I don’t know that what is the expiry date of this offer . Just follow these instructions to grab free and legal license key .

Download Ocster Backup Pro 5 by clicking here .

After downloading , visit this Giveaway page and submit your name and a valid email address . Click ” Get Ocster Backup Pro 5 Unlock Code

Check your mailbox and complete confirmation process ,
 after clicking the confirmation link , you will receive a license key ,
You will receive a license key in your mailbox as well .
Install it and unlock through provided license key .

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