Get LastPass 6 Months Premium Subscription And Make Referrals To Grab Premium Subscription

Internet is an amazing world , Internet is great source of knowledge and information . We visit several websites daily because internet has become a important part of our daily life . Free email service is a very useful and beautiful benefit of the internet . We can communicate easily and free with our friends , family members and colleagues etc with the help of free email facility . If you are professional person then you would agree with me that free email service is a great gift for professional persons . Social networking websites are another awesome benefit of internet . As a professional or personal internet we can not deny efficacy of social networking websites . Facebook and Twitter are perfect and working methods to promote your brand and business .

Anyhow , it is a different debate , You need an account and password for using these internet services ,We have several accounts on these websites . Remembering and managing account and password details it is a difficult job . Typing username and password may be boring for some people .
Last Password is very nice software to make your internet journey easy . Last Password is a great solution .
LastPass brings all of your usernames and passwords together in one secure place, allows you to autologin to your favorite sites, makes shipping and billing forms a breeze to fill out and helps you manage your digital life .
There is no need to remembering and typing your username and password , just install this great software in your favorite browser and forget . Last Password supports all most used browsers . Mozila Firefox , Google Chrome , Opera and Internet Explorer . You can also use it for Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, WebOS, and Windows Mobile .
Another great feature which is my favorite one . LastPass has a auto filling form feature . If you do online data entry work then it will be very helpful for you .

Some key features of LastPass

Your LastPass master password is the only password you’ll ever need .
Set up multiple ‘profiles’ and automatically fill your personal information into web forms accurately and safely .
Easily log into your websites seamlessly with a single click of your mouse button .
Your sensitive data is encrypted on your PC. Only your LastPass password can unlock your data and only YOU have it .
Your data is securely synchronized across all devices giving you access to it anywhere at anytime .
Your data is securely synchronized across all devices giving you access to it anywhere at anytime .
Your LastPass vault isn’t limited to only securely storing usernames and passwords – ANY confidential text data can be placed in your vault for safe keeping .
Access your LastPass vault using one time passwords when using untrusted computers or networks and never worry about revealing your actual LastPass master password .
Access and manage your data at home, work, or at an Internet Cafe online at .

For more information Please visit the Homepage .

Get LastPass Premium (6 Months) For Free

LastPass is available in both formats , free or paid and premium . Obviously free version is available with limited features . You can get some more additional features in premium version . You have a chance to get premium version for free .

To get a 6 month premium subscription for free, Here is the giveaway page and carefully follow the instructions.


LastPass team is providing a great offer . This offer is based on referral system . If you refer it to your friend , you and friend will get 1 month free LastPass premium account . I think it is not a difficult task and you can easily achieve this target with the help of Facebook , Twitter and Google+ etc . You can get 2 years premium account for free through this offer , It means , 24 friends , and you and your friends gets 2 years premium account . Follow these instructions .

You need an account , Create an account by clicking here . Otherwise if you have already an account , sign in your account .

Now get your referral link by clicking here .

Now share this referral link on Facebook , twitter and other social networking website or recommend it to friends (Manually) .

Good News For Students

If you are a university student and you have an edu valid email address , you can enjoy 6 months Subscription of LastPass Premium for free . For more information please visit this page .

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