Get 3 And 6 Months Kepard Premium VPN on Android For Free

Get 3 And 6 Months Kepard Premium VPN on Android For Free

As the internet users are getting increased as government censorship rules are getting stricter every passing day . It does not happen only in your country . It is a global kind of problem . There are lots of websites banned including YouTube in my country . Maybe Many useful VoIP services are banned in your country such as Skype , Viber , What’s app etc and I have heard that in many countries even Facebook and Twitter are banned . I admit that there are endless websites exist on the internet that contain unhealthy , vulgar content . All these kinds of websites should must be banned . But often a good and useful website gets banned by our governments .

But today’s gift can help you to access your favorite but blocked website but unfortunately this is not computer/laptop users , this will work on your Android tablet PCs and mobile phones . Now you can use Kepard Premium VPN for 90 days for free . Before grabbing this great offer , Let’s see what it can do for you ?

Kepard is a VPN software or app , Kepard creates a VPN (virtual private network) between your PC , Mobile devices and its Internet gateway . VPN (virtual private network) protects your privacy and online security and makes able you to get access to your desired blocked website .
You can unblock any website at any place school , office , public places etc. If downloading your favorite file with torrent websites is your favorite hobby but your desired torrent website is blocked in your country then it help you because it also allows torrents and P2P on NL servers .
You also can use VoIP services (Skype , Viber , Whatsapp) if they are blocked in your country with the help of Keprad on your Android tablet PC and mobile phone .
You can hide/protect your online identity and privacy . You can change your real IP address . Kepard will keep your identity unknown on the internet by assigning to you a different IP and that will guarantee anonymousness .
Kepard has trusted secure protocols( L2TP/IPsec protocol ) to encrypt your entire Internet traffic . Kepard also has a worthwhile security feature named NAT Firewall .
Kepard has a very easy to use and user friendly interface . You don’t need to be an expert to do its configuration settings at all . You can unblock your desired website and make secure your privacy with a single click . You can use it on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS .




Get 3 And 6 Months Kepard Premium VPN on Android For Free

Kepard is a premium VPN and you can get its premium services by spending some bucks per month . But Kepard offers Kepard Premium VPN free for 90 days and this offer is only for Android users . this offer is useful for both new and existing users . And the best thing is that If you already have a paid subscription don’t worry, you also will get 3 months of Premium VPN for Free .
And you can get more 6 months subscription with the help of the referral program . These both offers are valid till 31 october 2013 . For more information please visit the Promotion page .

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