Get idoo USB Encryption 3.0 Free Full Version With Legal License Key

Get idoo USB Encryption 3.0 Free Full Version With Legal License Key
I had purchased my very first computer before 7 years ago . The floppy disk was only one source to transfer data to another computer . Another disadvantage , only 1.44 MB was storage capacity . After two or three , My friend suggested me 256 Mb USB flash drive . All my problems got  solved . You would agree with me that USB flash drive is a great invention and a big thanks to computer scientists . Really , No doubt USB flash is incredibly very useful invention for every computer/laptop user . Especially for students , teachers , professional guys etc . A USB flash is so small in size but you can easily carry or transfer gigabytes of data even in TB’s .
USB flash drive is so small in size , that’s why , It can be stolen , lost and even misplaced . In other words , Your important data might be in jeopardy situation . Anyone who has a dirty mind can steal your USB flash drive and can misuse your data against you .
Security of USB flash or anyother external storage device is a big problem but there is no need to worry about it , there are many freeware and paid USB flash drive encryption softwares available to handle this problem . Luckily , Today’s gift(software) is related to this topic . Dear respectable readers , Today’s gift is idoo USB Encryption worth 30$ from .
idoo USB Encryption has a unique feature which makes it prominent than other USB security softwares . idoo USB Encryption divides USB flash , SD memory card or any other external data storage devices into two parts . Part one is a public area and part two is Confidential . Confidential
part or area is secured with password . Nobody can get access to your data without entering correct password . Your protected USB flash drive or any other external storage device is fully autonomous and does not need any special USB flash drive security software installed on your computer/laptop .
It does not make difference that how much bigger size of your USB flash or any other external storage device is ? You can use idoo USB Encryption for 2 GB , 4 GB , 8 GB , 16 GB , 32 GB , 64 GB , 128GB , 256 GB , 512 GB and even for 1 and TB .
Medical & health industry, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Insurance industry, Legal services, Accounting, Culture & Education, Film and television industry, Chemical industry, Commercial & Trades, Manufacturing industries, State organs, Research institutions, Institutional investors etc..
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(Expired)Get idoo USB Encryption 3.0 Free Full Version With Legal License Key 

The normal price of idoo USB Encryption is 30$ . But You can get it for free . Actually this is a limited time offer . I don’t know what is the expiry date of this offer ?

For the next 24 hours , Here is the promo page

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