Get Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Free 1 Year Subscription , Only For US And UK College Students

If you want to unblock a website and you are looking for a free Vpn software , or looking for a trusted solution to hide and protect your identity on the internet . I would like to suggest you Hotspot Shield VPN from AnchorFree . Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the world’s best and trusted Vpn service .

Hotspot Shield VPN has many awesome and praiseworthy features for example , Hotspot Shield VPN secures smartly your browsing session, detects and blocks malware websites, protects your online identity from snoopers and allows you to access blocked websites . Hotspot Shield VPN is very easier than others Vpn softwares . It has very easy to use and user friendly interface . Just download it and install it on your computer or laptop and use it with ” Connect ” and ” Disconnect ” buttons . Nowadays Browsing the internet on mobile devices trend is on the peak . People prefer mobile device than a computer or laptop for browsing the internet . Hotspot Shield not only works on computer or laptop . Hotspot Shield allows you that you can use it on any mobile device , like Android , iPhone or on any other mobile device . You can use it on Mac operating system as well .
Hotspot Shield creates a VPN network (virtual private network) between your computer/laptop/iPhone and Android device and Hotspot Shield security gateway so that all your Internet traffic (All your activities on the internet) goes through impenetrable, non-transparent tunnel .
Your real IP address gets hidden automatically and Hotspot Shield gives you a new IP address . Hotspot Shield servers represent you on the Internet and you can browse the internet as an anonymous user in complete privacy . And nobody can know that what are you doing on the internet , Even your internet service provider too . Your favorite website is blocked in your country . Download and install it and unblock your favorite website , you unblock any website . Hotspot Shield is available in both formats , freeware and paid . Although freeware version is very useful but the freeware version is a very annoying thing. Advertisements gets opened up automatically and your computer/laptop becomes too slow . I have noticed a big disadvantage in freeware version that if you are downloading a file through torrent client software , All your downloading sessions gets stopped in a freeware version and torrent client software does not download your desired file while Hotspot shield is ” Connect ” . In simple words , You can enjoy its real taste in paid version ” Hotspot Shield Elite ” .
Difference between in Hotspot Shield Free and Hotspot Shield Elite
If you have downloaded freeware version then you can enjoy these features . You can download videos from video sharing websites . You can upload videos . You can download anything with the full speed of your internet connection . You can signin your accounts .
Security Secure your internet, make all sites HTTPS safe
Hide your IP and ensure anonymous browsing
Access your favorite websites
Detects and blocks known malware sites
If you want to buy Hotspot Shield Elite , You can enjoy its real beauty . Look at its awesome and real features .
Detects and blocks malware infected websites – as well as phishing and spam websites
Surf the web ad-free
Email and live chat (In English only)
Up to 100% faster browsing
Security Secure your internet, make all sites HTTPS safe
Hide your IP and ensure anonymous browsing
Access your favorite websites
Detects and blocks known malware sites
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(Expired)Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Free 1 Year Subscription for US And UK College Students





If you are a college student and you belong to united kingdom or united states of america , I have a good for you , Anchorfree team is providing a very great opportunity to get Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Free 1 Year Subscription .
AnchorFree team has launched the Hotspot Shield College Privacy Challenge with $50,000 in scholarship awards . You can register with your school or college provided email address (Edu or . The expiry date is 9 june 2013 .

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    This program really screws up Ebay and Google image search. Took me a while to figure out that it was the culprit. More trouble than it's worth. Thanks to nord vpn for came in timely rescue.

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