Get Free 20 GB of Pogoplug Storage For Life

Get Free 20 GB of Pogoplug Storage For Life

The Hard drive is a really awesome invention , Without a hard drive computer is nothing . Whenever anyone goes to buy a computer laptop , Asks the questions , Processor and Ram speed and hard drive space capacity . After Processor and Ram speed hard drive is really does matter . Every computer/laptop user takes care about the hard drive . It is said , the processor is the brain of your computer , and the hard drive is the heart of your computer . Hard drive knows our every secret because We save our secrets in it .

I think I’m down from derailed . Okay , Now I am jumping on my real topic . I guess , you would agree with me that Computer hard drive is not a safe place to store important data as we expect . Because hard drive can be corrupted or damaged at any time . Cloud storage is a perfect solution . There are several Cloud storage services available on the internet where you can save your important , family images , videos , audios and
other important documents . Sky drive , Dropbox and Google drive good examples . Mostly you get a 5Gb storage limit from these cloud storage services . I know this storage limit cannot fulfil your needs . If you want unlimited storage limit then you will have to pay some bucks . is very famous and prominent cloud storage service . provides both plans ,free and paid . provides 5GB free online storage . offers unlimited storage at a price $4.95 per month . I have a good offer from . You can get 20Gb cloud storage instead of 5GB for Life through this great .

Some key features of Pogoplug Cloud

Play your media anytime, anywhere
Back up your smartphone and tablet
Share and collaborate with friends and colleagues
Publish to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with a single click

For more information and features Please visit the Homepage .

(Expired)Get Free 20 GB of Pogoplug Storage for Life

I have no idea that what is the expiry date of this worthwhile offer ? If you have already an account on then you can not enjoy this offer . This offer is only for new users . To get 20 Gb free storage , Just follow these instructions .

First visit this link and select your platform and download Pogoplus .

Now visit the Giveaway page and create an account to get 20 GB free cloud storage .

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