F-Secure Key Premium Subscription For 1 Year For Free

F-Secure Key Premium Subscription For 1 Year For Free
Today’s software is one of the most useful password management software/app called F-Secure Key. This useful piece of software is not less than a gift for those internet users who frequently forget their usernames and passwords. It is designed for those who are not good at memorizing complicated passwords/usernames.
And sometimes this weakness leads someone to lose his/her accounts, actually when they go for recovering/resetting their passwords then they are not be able to enter their username/email address. If you are one of those who have this weakness then instantly grab today’s freebie. F-

secure.com is having a giveaway through which you can get a key to activate F-Secure Key premium subscription (1 year) for free.

You don’t need to remember/memorize all passwords/username, you need to set a master password and the rest of the job will do this lovely software. It can securely store all your emails ids/usernames, PIN codes, login details, passwords other credentials.
It is highly recommended by security experts to set strong passwords that cannot be guessed but choosing such types of passwords itself is not an easier job. But using its strong password generator feature, you can generate strong passwords with one click.

(Expired)Get F-Secure Key Premium Subscription For 1 Year For Free

Its normal price is 14,50 €/year but for the next few days, you can 1 year premium subscription for free and you can use premium subscription on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS at the same time.
Visit the promo page (skip the ad) and fill the form to get it for free.
Keep in mind
You need to first redeem the offer on Android/iOS tablet or smartphone, after which you can start using KEY PREMIUM also on your PC, Mac and other Android and iOS devices for free.

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