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DVDFab Media Player 2.0 Free Download With Legal And Free Serial Key

Windows default media just sucks , how ? I have a simple example for you . You would have noticed that when you download a video from YouTube and after downloading when you go to play it in Windows media player then you would get this error , sorry Windows media player does not support this audio or video format . You will have to download and install audio and video codec pack to make capable Windows media player to play any sort of videos . But the problem is that each computer/laptop user doesn’t have enough computing knowledge to solve this problem . Personally I get so disappointed when I want to play a DVD in Windows media player but it does not , Even when I installed Windows 8 , I was thinking that Windows media player’s features and bugs has been improved and solved , but I did not find any improvements in Windows media player .

I use media player classic , Tough it is a freeware but fully loaded with all kinds of video codec and formats . Even you can play DVD with interactive menu like a DVD player .

Though media player classic is a good media player but as all we know the real taste is always in a paid or pro software version . Actually yesterday night I got an email with an awesome news from that recently has released  DVDFab Media Player 2.5 and everyone can get it for free with legal and free serial key . Its previous version’s giveaway is also available to grab it with genuine serial key for free .

So I thought , I should share it with all my respectable readers . So respectable readers , today’s gift is DVDFab Media Player 2.5 original value $49 per license key from .

Apart its all worth mentioning features , I found a really cool feature in this new version DVDFab Media Player 2.5 . DVDFab Media Player 2.5 is a perfect and feature rich media player playing Blu-ray discs and one of my favorite abilities is that you can play Cinavia protected Blu-rays and videos . Personally I think you will never find this feature in all other popular media players . DVDFab Media Player 2.5 is first ever media player that has this ability .

After installing it , You will never need to install manually audio and video codec to play all sorts of videos . You can play most used and almost all kinds of audio and video formats in just a single media player . Here is the list of some supported audio and video formats ,

DVD/Blu-ray Discs DVD/Blu-ray ISO files
DVD/Blu-ray movie folders
ogg and many more .

There is another problem that often we face , Whenever you transfer a video from a multimedia Smartphone or from traditional digital camera , this video does not support your media player and therefore you will have to install another special media player to play this video . You will never face this problem in DVDFab Media Player 2.5 because it also support MP4 , 3gp , amr and other that kind of video formats .

You can quickly and easily choose what you want to view from the playlist, which spares you a lot of hassle if you want to switch between different videos . Just leave the effort to enjoying . It does not require high system resources it is a very lightweight in terms of launching and loading the content than other media players . If you like changes then there is a feature for you , You can change its appearance and menu whenever you want , there are many cool skin built in template available .
It supports all Microsoft Windows , Xp/Vista/7 and DVDFab Media Player 2.5 works very well in recently released Windows 8 both 32 and 64 bit . As well as you can use it in MAC Os .
If you want , you can visit the Homepage to get more information about it

(Expired)Get DVDFab Media Player 2.5 With Legal And Free Serial Key

DVDFab Media Player 2.5 is a paid media player though also offers a freeware version with limited features on its full version’s. full version’s price is $49 per license key .

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