Bitdefender Total Security 2013 Free Download With 3 Months Trial

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 Free Download With 3 Months Trial

Today I had a very aggressive mode . Actually I got a little bit bored by sharing common kinds of giveaway offers and freebies . I know all these common kinds of software may be useful for all of you . Actually you just use all these but I have to test it and then also write a review about them . That’s why I got a little bit bored . To share a little bit different offers , Nowadays , Therefore I spend lots of time in research to search new and useful giveaway offers . I love antivirus and security softwares and I know very well that also all of you love giveaway and freebies related to antivirus and security softwares .

Today’s software that I have chosen to share with all of you is an antivirus software . I wonder when I did research , How could I miss this very useful
offer to share with my blog readers ? but I did . Today’s gift is BitDefender Total Security 2013 with 3 months free trial . I know it is for a limited time but I think it is a much better option than using a cracked and illegal version . I will tell you that what is the procedure to get it for 90 days for free at the end of this article . Let’s take a look on its security capabilities and features .
Although there is no doubt , BitDefender Total Security 2013 is also a best selection to make the personal/home computer/laptop’s offline and online security foolproof and secure . But personally I found it a fabulous and trusted security solution for commercial and professional sector . Specially its Bitdefender Safepay feature , this feature helps you to do safe and risks free online banking and shopping .
Hackers and other cyber criminals may use your Inbox to hack you . BitDefender Total Security 2013 has an antispam ability to tackle this potential risk . Its antispam ability can stop unwanted e-mail from ever reaching your Inbox . And as well as it scan links and attachments contain emails and remove them at the right time .
It has many trusted and foolproof security features to get internet security . Search Advisor and Anti Phishing features are really worth mentioning and trusting . Its Search Advisor feature gives you an advance warning while you search anything in search engine . Search Advisor feature works so well with two popular and leading search engines Bing and Google . Anti Phishing feature block suspicious and phishing websites and Its Two-way Firewall feature monitors your Internet connections and keeps strangers from accessing your Wi-Fi connection .
USB flash drive and SD cards are a big source to spreadĀ  viruses , But it has a USB Immunizer feature , this featureĀ  Immunizes USB flash drive and SD card from viruses and all kinds of security risks when connected to your computer/laptop .You can visit this link to get more information



Get Bitdefender Total Security 2013 With 3 Months Trial For Free


The normal price of Bitdefender Total Security 2013 $69.95 per license key for 1 PC . You can grab it with 3 months trial for free with all features .

You must have a Facebook account to get 3 months trial for free . So visit official fan page and click like , if you already fan then skip this step .

After liking the page you can download its 3 months trial for free .

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