BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 Free Download With Working And Legal Key

BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 Free Download With Working And Legal Key

BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 Free Download Nowadays a digital camera has become a must have thing for everyone in shape of multimedia cell phones and multimedia devices . Almost everyone has a multimedia cell phone with high pixel and high quality camera performance . If capturing images and shooting videos is your favorite hobby or it is your profession then today’s software is especially for all of you .BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 is today’s gift from Digital Photography magazine and .

What is this ? Its name shows that what is its purpose . You have old images with low resolution for an example 300 x 200 , and you want to increase or resize of your images . You can do so with the help of Photoshop , coral draw , default Windows paint and other image editing softwares . But you would know that after doing so that always results are not as per your expectations  , All these mentioned image editing tools destroy the original image quality .
BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 can solve your problem without loosing original image quality because it is especially designed for this purpose .
BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0  has unique technology named S-Spline Max and patented image resize technology which excels at preserving clean edges, sharpness, and fine details .

With the help of its easy to use and user friendly interface , You will get  quick, easy and error-free resolution increasing , enlargement ,  upsizing feature if you want to do so with your low resolution images . In other words , You resize or enlarge your desired image resolution up to 1 million by 1 million pixels through its extreme enlargement feature . Although results depend on the quality of the source material (images ) you use but your desired images can be upsized to as large as 30,000 × 30,000 pixels and Print resolution can be set to low (72 dpi or 96 dpi), medium (150 dpi) or high (300 dpi) quality, and BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0  supports IPTC, EXIF, XMP and ICC profiles in the RGB, CMYK, Grayscale and Lab color spaces . And the best feature is that you can remove JPEG compression artifacts and noise with the help of its special settings .

If you have a big amount of low resolution images but you are a busy person and you have no more time to so or you are lazy guy then BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 offers batch processing feature , It means you can enlarge or resize many images at once .

Some key features of BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 

The latest S-Spline interpolation algorithms
Higher quality image enlargements & higher quality downsizing
Advanced fine-tuning tools: create your own presets & save them for later
Reduction of (JPEG) compression artifacts and noise
Batch processing
Multiprocessor support
Works as stand-alone application, as well as Automation plug-in and Export plug-in for Photoshop
Extreme enlargements: up to 1 million by 1 million pixels!
Extensive support for high-end images





Get BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 With Working And Legal Key










Recently has released BenVista PhotoZoom Express  5 and the price of this new and latest version is € 169.00 but I found a giveaway offer than you can grab a free license key activate BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 for free .

Follow these instructions .

Download BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 by clicking these links  ( Windows and Mac ) and install .

Visit the Giveaway page , submit your name and a valid email address and select your operating system , Windows or Mac , Click ” Submit ”

Get BenVista PhotoZoom Express 4.0 With Working And Legal Key

Check your mailbox and complete the confirmation process .

You will receive another email with a free license key .

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