Avanquest PDF Experte 8 Professional Full Version With Legal Serial Key

If you are an I Hate Cracks regular reader then you would have known that almost 6 months ago I had shared Debenu PDF Tools with you , the good thing is that this giveaway is yet still working . Yesterday I got an email , Debenu.com has released a new and improved version of Debenu PDF Tools . You can try for free . I know very well PDF category is one of the popular categories on my blog , that’s why whenever I find PDF software giveaway , as soon as possible I try to share with you . I am going to share another PDF software gift with all my respectable readers . Today’s gift is Avanquest PDF Experte 8 Professional from Avanquest.com .
Avanquest PDF Experte 8 Professional has a complete set of modules for working with PDF files and a print driver that generates PDF documents from any other software that can print documents . In simple words , With the help of Avanquest PDF Experte 8 Professional , you can create, convert and edit PDF documents . Yup! We can say that it is an affordable and complete alternative to Acrobat Professional XI  , Acrobat Professional XI Student and Teacher Edition is available at price $119 and the price of Acrobat XI Standard Win is $265 , but  Avanquest PDF Experte 8 Professional is available at priced £25.52 . There is a huge difference between prices but in terms of features and usability, it is not less than Acrobat Professional XI in anyway .
Now Let’s see , what it can do for us ? With the help of its easy to use and user friendly interface anyone can create a PDF file . And you can add any multimedia objects such as image , text , video , hyperlinks , table whatever you want to add in your PDF book or file . Apart its PDF creating feature you can easily edit existing PDF books and files as per your needs and requirements . You can cut, copy, paste, resize text and images etc .
It has another worth mentioning feature , it has a built in image or graphic editing tool , without using any other image editing tool you can edit any desired image , you can resize , add geometric shapes and Bezier curves and as well as a big list of effects which you can put on your desired images to make more beautiful .
Avanquest PDF Expert 8 Professional has a very useful and cool feature especially for business persons and working places , It has a unique technology named , With the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) you convert scanned documents into plain text without writing long documents and lots of precious time can be saved .
As well as you can convert any PDF file into a document that can be read and modified in Microsoft Word for easy editing . But It has a shortcoming , though it is an old version therefore it is not compatible with Microsoft Office 2013 but works very well with MS Office 2010  .You can save documents as popular file formats; JPEG, TIFF, GIF etc.
If you want to protect your PDF ebook then there is also a feature exist for you . You can add or put notes, watermarks, comments and stamps and you can set a strong password to prevent printing, editing, etc.

Some key features of  Avanquest PDF Experte 8 Professional

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Create PDF files from any printable PC application; Word, Excel, Pictures, Photos etc.
Create several PDF files in one single operation
Merge Multiple Documents – Combine files from various applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) Into a single PDF
One-Click PDF creation from Microsoft Office
Creates 100% industry-standard PDF files
Send PDFs automatically by e-mail
Text-Editing – Cut, copy, paste and edit text
Graphic-Editing – Add images, shapes & notes to your PDFs
Add watermarks, headers and footers
Insert, delete, rotate and crop PDF pages
Add interactive features such as links and bookmarks
Document Management – Use Bates Numbering to index documents with time, date, copyrights or unique coding for easy identification and file retrieval
PDF to Word Conversion – one-click conversion of any PDF file into a document that can be read and modified in Microsoft Word for easy editing
Save documents as popular file formats; JPG, TIF, GIF etc.

Get Avanquest PDF Experte 8 Professional With Legal Serial Key





The price of PDF Experte 8 Professional is £25.52 per serial key and it is an old version , recently Avanquest.com has released Expert PDF 9 , but it does not mean that it is useless .
You can grab a serial key for free to activate Avanquest PDF Experte 8 Professional’s full version . Getting a free serial key , it is a little bit difficult because the Giveaway page is in german language and you will have to use Google translator .

Visit the Giveaway page , submit your valid email , your name and select your country and click ” Hier Erhalten Ihre Seriennummer  ”

Check your mail box and complete the confirmation process and after doing so you will receive another email with serial key .

You can download Avanquest PDF Experte 8 Professional from here

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