Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016 Free Download With 6 Months Serial License Key

Sometimes our antivirus software becomes an obstruction in our daily and important work . You would have noticed that sometimes your antivirus software automatically starts a virus scan without your consent and sometimes you get notifications from your antivirus software and that’s why we can not concentrate on our work etc actually our concentration gets divided . This becomes a big headache while play games or watch videos in full screen mode . Though We can ignore it because it is a matter of security but what about slow computer/laptop performance and speed ?

Some antivirus softwares use a big amount of computer/laptop’s system resources during scanning and removing security threats process and these kinds of antivirus softwares keep continue this process all the time and your computer/laptop becomes too much slow . Your computer/laptop may take too much time to even open up a folder .
That’s why many computer/laptop users don’t use an antivirus software . Certainly it is a not good thinking , actually you are giving a chance to hackers and cyber criminals that you can hack me !!
If you are one of those guys who don’t use an antivirus software because of this problem then I would recommend you Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016 . Because as we all know very well that Ashampoo is a specialist in making PC optimization softwares .
I know , you would surely ask me that Why I have recommended it you ? It has several reasons , Though it is an antivirus software but apart its security features , It has many features to optimize your computer/laptop’s performance and speed . Let’s have a look at its features and abilities .
As every Ashampoo made software , Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016 has a so easy to use and user friendly interface . You don’t need to be an expert to protect yourself from offline and online security threats at all . It is easy to install and easy to use . It does not make a difference whether security risk is an old or a latest hackers hacking tool . It has a solid and foolproof solution to tackle well with all kinds of new and old security threats .
I know , you are getting curious about its effects on computer/laptop’s speed and performance . Ashampoo Anti-Virus  is very friendly for computer/laptop system resources . It does not slow down performance and speed when it performs scanning , neutralizing and deleting process . It has Game mode and Self-protection features , With the help of Game Mode and Self-protection features , Ashampoo Anti-Virus handles itself all security issues automatically without bothering and interrupting in your gaming . working and watching videos in full screen mode etc experience .
It has many worth mentioning features to enjoy risks free internet journey especially its Web protection feature , Web protection protect us from suspicious and malicious websites and we can do fearlessly searching , surfing , downloading , online shopping and banking .

Nobody can expect PC optimization ability in an antivirus but nowadays it has become an important and mandatory part of every antivirus software . As other antivirus softwares , you get a PC optimization ability in Ashampoo Anti-Virus . It has File Wiper for protecting your privacy , Internet Cleaner , Hostfile Checker , ADS Scanner , StartUp Tuner etc to speed up computer/laptop’s speed and performance .You can visit the Homepage to get more information.–









Get Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016 With 6 Months Serial License Key








Ashampoo has released Ashampoo Antivirus 2016 25 September 2013 and its price is $24.99 . You can try it by installing its one month trial for free .
But I also have a good news for you . Now everyone can use Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016 for 6 months for free .

Firstly you need an account on to get Ashampoo Snap 6 license key  for free  and you can make an account by clicking here . If you have already an account then skip this step.

Visit the Giveaway page  and submit your Ashampoo account email address .

On the next page a serial key is waiting for you . You will be sent serial key in your mailbox .

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