AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition 6 With Genuine License Key (24 Hours Promo)

If you are a Windows XP user and you want to migrate to Windows 7 or 8 but you can not do so. It has several reasons but disk space is a main reason. XP needs 1765 MB to be installed and Normally 10GB disk space is allocated by XP users and the problem arises when you urge to migrate to a modern Windows version. As nowadays Windows 10 is trending.
If you extend C Drive then you will have to transfer data to another partition or any other storage devices or be ready to lose all stored data. And on top of that Windows disk partition manager does not offer enough solution for this barrier.
In this regard, AOMEI Partition Assistant can help you without any fear of losing data and offering numerous handy hard disk partition managing features. Let’s have a quick look on some core features.
This one of the best multi-function partition management program for Microsoft Windows users has a big list of powerful features and its user friendly easy to use interface makes it more attractive. My personal feature is Extend Partition Wizard through which you can extend/increase size of any partition including partition C to  solve low disk space issue with ease. And the best thing is that you need not to re-install the Windows, you can so inside the Windows.
Merge Partition feature is another worth mentioning feature, Using this feature, You can merge two or multiple partitions into a single partition with ease without losing stored data. Resize Partition, Split Partition, Copy Partition and many other features are packed to help out you.
Sector-level data protection technology makes AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro useful for both MBR or GPT hard drives and this useful disk management software can be used with more than 2TB hard drives and it supports nearly all brands.
Server 2003, 2008, 2011, 2012, SBS, Home Server, Web Server and Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 2000 users can use this software.
More information can be found at the Homepage.

Get AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 6 With Genuine License Key (24 Hours Promo)

AOMEI Partition Assistant is available in both freeware and paid shapes. Well, its freeware version is not worthless though, but its real taste can be found in its professional version with advance features.
The price for its professional version is $36 per registration code. But for the next 24 hours, you can get it for free.

Here is the promo page

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