AntiBrowserSpy 2014 Free Download With License Key

AntiBrowserSpy 2014 Free Download With License Key
The internet has become a basic necessity of our daily life . There is no doubt that it is a so much useful thing but many of internet users even don’t know that it may be dangerous if you don’t care about precautions . Every website that you visit or when you use an email service , your security and privacy are always in jeopardy situation . Each website such social networking websites , email service providing websites , video sharing websites , forums , shopping websites etc. spy your every activity and collect and save in their collection data center . And the worst thing is that some websites are a big risk for our security such as adult websites , warez websites etc .
You will be amazed after knowing that your web browser which you use to browse , search and download your favorite content is also spying your every activity , your favorite web browser is actively sending your private data of its users back home . Although this private data used to improve the browser’s performance and abilities but everyone want to protect his/her privacy . If you are one of those who loves privacy then I have found a worthwhile software to share with you . Today’s gift is  AntiBrowserSpy 2014 worth 29.95 euro per 1 year license key from .
AntiBrowserSpy 2014 is a powerful and strong warrior for protecting your privacy . It has a unique privacy protecting features to protect your privacy . Almost all web browser manufacturers integrate spying features into their browsers that actively sends private data of their users back home . This data may consist of a unique ID that allows identifying a user , it may be a URL of a site that you visit . But by now you can easily Turn off the browsers espionage features which spies your activities .
AntiBrowserSpy 2014 has a very easy to use and user friendly interface , even a novice or inexperienced computer/laptop and internet easily can disable hidden espionage features .
AntiBrowserSpy 2014 also protects your privacy by removing Internet Traces , It removes all internet traces such as web cache , cookies , download lists , visited websites list and typed website addresses etc. AntiBrowserSpy has a cookie manager which makes it more useful in this regard  , Its cookie manager allows you to view and protect specific cookies .
Now a little bit about my favorite feature , AntiBrowserSpy also has a backing up feature . It can create backups of your browser settings .  I mean to say , it backs up  add on , extensions , bookmarks etc . You also can use this backup in other computer/laptop or if you have performed a clean Windows installation .
No matter , what is your favorite web browser you can use it with almost all web browsers , Mozilla Firefox,  Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Netscape Navigator etc .
If you want to get more information you can visit the Homepage
(Expired)Get AntiBrowserSpy 2014 With License Key

As I have mentioned above that AntiBrowserSpy 2014 is available priced at 29.95EUR. But you can get its special giveaway installer for free . But you don’t get a backup and a schedule cleanup feature in this special giveaway installer . But it does not mean that it is worthless .

Visit the Giveaway page and download its special giveaway installer , Page is in german language but don’t worry just click on ” Download ” and then ‘ Download Starten ‘

“Download Starten”

and install .

You will have to enter your name and email address on first run .

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