Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac Free Download With Registration Code

Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac Free Download With Registration Code
DVD’s are designed to play/run only on DVD players though we can run/play a DVD disc on a computer/laptop using a specific media player but the problem is that we can’t copying/transferring a DVD’s content to a computer/laptop’s hard drive . It has several reasons but one reason is common . DVD copyright protection does not let you copying/transferring a DVD’s content like image , audio and videos .
If you are a MAC and experiencing this problem then Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac can solve your problem . This fast and powerful Mac DVD copy tool comes with an easy to use and user friendly interface through which you can easily make protected DVD backup .
Its backing up ability is remarkable and you can back up your DVD videos to local hard drive and you get various copying/transferring/ backing up choices like you are able to save your desired DVD’s content as DVD folders, ISO image files, .dvdmedia files, iPad/iPhone/iPod compatible videos or DVD disc and even copyright protected DVDs .
Suppose you have DVD contains a 1 hour lengthy video and you don’t want to copy/transfer whole video then here Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac can facilitate you .
Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac provides 3 options , Main movie, Full movies, Customized movies and Copy movies with No Menu . As well as you are able to copy D9 to D9, copy D5 to D5, split a DVD9 movie into 2 DVD5 by simply selecting the Split Copy in the copy mode option item or compress a DVD9 videos into a DVD5 disc.
Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac also has a DVD converter through which you can convert any DVD video to your favorite video format and it supports a wide range of output video and audio formats .
Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac also has a DVD burner to burn any DVD folder, ISO image file, .dvdmedia files and nearly all types of data in a blank DVD disc .You can visit the Homepage to get more information .





(Expired)Get Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac With Legal Registration Code




Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac is a paid DVD backing up tool and you can buy it by spending $49.00 for per registration code or serial key . But you have a chance to grab it with legal registration code for free till January 2014 .

Visit the Promo page and submit your name and a valid email address and click “ get it free ” . You will receive a download link and a free registration code in your mailbox .

Since it is a promo offer therefore you can’t get lifetime free upgrade and lifetime customer service .

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