Get ABBYY Screenshot Reader With Legal License Key

Capturing a screenshot of the computer/laptop screen is a necessary and basic need of every serious computer/laptop user . I have a tutorial related blog and mostly I need screen shots to explain what i want to convey in a better way to my blog readers . Because I believe that an image is always better that hundreds of words . And readers love with screenshots than text . Windows provides a built in feature to capture a screenshot . Just press PrtSc (Print Screen) button and paste it in Paint , Photoshop or any other software . This feature has been improved in Windows 7 and 8 . Whenever you press PrtSc (Print Screen) button it gets stored automatically in a folder . There’s no need to paste in any image processing software .

I used to this default feature to take screenshots for tutorials . No doubt this Windows default feature is very useful . But it has many shortcomings . A very big shortcoming is that you cannot set a desired area which you want to capture . Because of this shortcoming , lots of precious time gets wasted . So, I don’t use it anymore . Now I have discovered a very nice screen capturing software . And I am happy with its features and performance .
I thought , I should share it with my blog readers . My discovered screen capturing software is ABBYY Screenshot Reader . Though , This screen capturing software is a paid software But as always, you can get it free . I will describe at the end of this article that how you can get it for free . Okay , First read about its awesome features .
ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a lightweight , fast and very smart screen capturing software . It has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and you can capture whole computer screen , a selected area , a favorite image from a video , from a web page etc .  You can transform into text, an image, or a table with just few mouse clicks .
ABBYY Screenshot Reader is irreplacable helper in daily office work. It turns to editable formats any image content captured from your screen, making it easy to use in digital documents, emails or reports which you create or edit without any retyping. It can handle more than 160 languages with outstanding accuracy of recognition .
Make your own “snapshots” of pictures and texts from opened documents, file menus, Web pages, presentations, Flash-content, or PDF files with just several clicks .

Some key features of ABBYY Screenshot Reader

You can save image screenshots into the most used and popular image format , JPEG , Bitmap ,PNG etc . You can save the text screenshot in  .RTF, .TXT, .DOC or .XLS formats.
Capture a part of the screen and save or share
Send a screenshot of an error message
Insert a screen image in a presentation, report etc
Use screenshots to compile instructions and guides
Insert text information into a report
Transform image tables to editable Excel worksheets
Cut out a piece of text from a graphic file
Easily print driving directions

For more information Please visit the Homepage

Get ABBYY Screenshot Reader With Legal License Key 

The normal price of ABBYY Screenshot Reader is 10$ per license key . But you can get it for free . This is a limited time offer .

Download it from here.
Here is the giveaway page to grab a free serial key

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