Get ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 Light for Windows Free

I have something so special today . Well , Today’s post will be useful for many people . But personally I feel that if you are a business person , It will be a great gift for you . This post would be very first post on I Hate Cracks for business related readers . Today’s gift is from team and this gift is ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 Light for Windows . I guess ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 Light for Windows is not a new name for my blog business related readers .

So dear respectable readers , Now we will read that Why it is a great gift from team and what it has something special ? At the end of this I will describe that how you get it for free ?
ABBYY Business Card Reader for Windows is an awesome and worthwhile  software that gives you a facility to capture contact information from scans or digital photos of business cards and store it into manageable electronic data . ABBYY Business Card Reader provides smart scanning and image pre-processing functions, plus automatic configuration of all necessary settings. The application automatically picks a scanning mode and splits multiple cards scanned together as a batch . With the help of this feature , you can save lots of precious time and efforts . You can scan and digitize up to 10 business cards at once .
If you are thinking that It is just useful for english speaking guys then you are wrong . Because ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 Light for Windows supports 25 most speaking languages . It automatically detects the languages and orientation of cards, image DPI, and checks for duplicate data when exporting contacts to Microsoft Outlook . You can check this list that what is your language . See this list
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)
Dutch (Netherlands and Belgium)
Norwegian (Bokmal)
Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Unfortunately Hindi and Urdu languages are not supported .
ABBYY Business Card Reader smartly and intelligently identifies different types of contact data . Such information includes First , Second Name and Name, Phone number (all recognized phones: Mobile, Work, Home, Fax), E-mail, Company, Company address, Title, Web site and Notes. Once detected, all data types are automatically allocated to appropriate fields in Microsoft Outlook and other electronic contact managers .

Some key features of ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 Light for Windows

Automated Scanning and Image Processing
Automatically turns cards into digital contacts for higher productivity.
Instant export to Sales force and Microsoft Outlook
Highly cost effective – leverages your current hardware
Superior accuracy frees you from retyping.
Intuitive ease gets you up and running fast.
Superior Accuracy through Intelligent OCR
Accurate Identification of Data Types
Recognizes 25 Languages
Compatible with Virtually Every Modern Scanner
Scans and Processes Up to 10 Business Cards in One Batch

For more information and features Please visit the Homepage .

(Expired)Get ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 Light for Windows Free

The normal price of ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 Light for Windows is $30 per license key . But ABBYY team is offering it for free . This is a limited time offer and I have no idea that what is the expiry date of this offer . So , don’t be late .

Download ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0

Now here you go to grab a free key to activate full version.

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