1-abc.net Password Organizer 6 Free Download With Free Registration Key

1-abc.net Password Organizer 6 Free Download With Free Registration Key

Remembering passwords , It might be a so much difficult thing for many internet users . Well , it is a good habit that you save your passwords and other account details in notepad . But many people don’t do so like me . Whenever I use the internet , my full focus goes on my browser , browsing , searching and downloading  and I don’t care that what’s going on my desktop and hard drive’s partitions . Before getting the internet connection , My computer and hard disk were well organized and everything was clutter free . But now!!! .

But it is a very important necessity that you remember your passwords and account details , if you want to enjoy a real taste of the internet because if you don’t do so then your lots of precious time get wasted in recovering your passwords and sometimes it becomes impossible . But thanks to software developers that they makes useful softwares to make our digital life easier .
1-abc.net Password Organizer is an awesome solution for this problem . 1-abc.net Password Organizer is a smart software and designed to store personal login details and passwords . It would be
not wrong to say that it is an ideal tool for those who have multiple email accounts , multiple Facebook and twitter accounts with different passwords or multiple bank accounts etc . You will just have to do two things , install it and set a master password and save you want to , I think , we can remember least a master password .
And the best thing is that If you want to have fast access to your password data, there are also many useful features to help you inside 1-abc.net Password Organizer . You can easily define a path that should be executed just with one click of your moue which could be an executable file or your favorite program for example. You can also enter a site here, which would make sense if you would like to login to any password protected online service like Facebook , Twitter , Paypal Ebay etc . And if you dislike to copy and paste your data each time you need it, you can also use global hotkeys for this purpose .
1-abc.net Password Organizer is awesome in terms of security ,1-abc.net Password Organizer gives a great feature that you can generate passwords on a random base that nobody would think about .
Your passwords are protected by Advanced Encryption Standard , it means that it is impossible to read your account details and passwords without entering your master password . If you like to export or print out all your passwords, of course 1-abc.net Password Organizer offers you such useful features as well .
Some key features of 1-abc.net Password Organizer 6
Integrated random password generator – helps you if you do not have any idea how to create a new password
Copy function – to enter your passwords easily into the login fields
*.txt, *csv and *.sqlite export function – prepare your secure data for further editing, sending by e-mail or whatever you want. (Should of course be used with caution!)
Enter thousands of passwords if you want – your computer’s disk space is the only limit for the quantity
Define a path where your password file is saved to or let it be determined automatically
Global hotkeys for easy entering login and password data in other programs
Start the program with Windows automatically to get faster access to your data
Sort your passwords after date, name, login or password
Execute a file or a website connected with your entry directly
Your personal data is saved securely with the famous AES Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard)
Safe mode to avoid unwanted password changes
Create passwords based on your login and your personal master password
Let the program close automatically after some minutes of inactivity
Show or hide login or password data
Program can be installed on hard drives, USB sticks, floppy disks and nearly all other re-writable mediaFor more information and features please visit the Homepage .

Get 1-abc.net Password Organizer 6 With Free Registration Key (Legal)
20$ is the original price of 1-abc.net Password Organizer 6 but there is a giveaway offer available to grab a license or serial key to activate it for free . Actually this is an old giveaway and was launched on starting of 2013 but I have checked , it is still working and you can a free serial key .

Visit the Giveaway page , submit your first and last name and a valid email address . Hit enter .

Check your mailbox and complete confirmation process .

After confirmation , again check your mailbox , this time you will receive a registration key .

You can download 1-abc.net Password Organizer 6 from here .

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